Our advanced analytics services aid government agencies, fostering their data into insightful information to support informed decisions, foresee challenges, and identify new opportunities.

Data Engineering

Our end-to-end data engineering services ensure efficient, secure data processing, enabling government agencies to derive insights without the associated technicalities.

Mobile Security Research

Neural Solutions' mobile security research identifies potential threats and proposes innovative solutions, keeping government mobile data and applications secure.

Data Science

Our data science services with AI and machine learning provide agencies with thorough data analysis, supporting data-driven decisions to optimize performance and reduce risks.

Threat Hunting

Our Mobile Threat Hunting service proactively identifies threats to an organization’s mobile infrastructure, offering a comprehensive understanding of user behavior and network traffic for preemptive security.

Malware Analysis

We specialize in studying potential malware impacts, creating robust security measures that protect government systems and data.


We offer a suite of AI and machine learning services including NLP and Computer Vision, streamlining tasks, improving system response, and enhancing operational efficiency for government agencies.

Software Development

Our tailored software solutions, powered by AI and machine learning, provide secure, efficient operations and tackle complex challenges for government agencies

Custom Mobile Research Solutions

Our customized mobile solutions cater to the unique requirements of government agencies in areas like mobile security and app development, promoting efficient and secure service delivery.